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MaterialMild Steel
Temperature Rating57 Degree C
K-FACTOR (Discharge Rate)2.8 US (40.3 metric)
Thread Size1/2 NPT
Mounting TypeWall Mounted
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Fire sprinkler systems are critical components of fire protection in buildings. They are designed to automatically detect and suppress fires, preventing their spread and minimizing damage. When specifying a fire sprinkler system, it's important to consider various factors such as building type, occupancy, hazard classification, local codes and regulations, and desired level of fire protection. Here are some key specifications to consider when specifying a fire sprinkler system:

  1. Design Standard: Specify the applicable design standard for the fire sprinkler system, such as NFPA 13 (Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems), NFPA 13R (Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in Residential Occupancies up to and Including Four Stories in Height), or NFPA 13D (Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes).

  2. System Type: Specify the type of fire sprinkler system, such as wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, or deluge, based on the specific requirements of the building and hazard classification. Wet pipe systems are most common and are suitable for most occupancies. Dry pipe systems are used in areas where freezing temperatures may be a concern. Pre-action and deluge systems are used in high-hazard areas where additional protection measures are needed.

  3. Hazard Classification: Specify the hazard classification of the area or occupancy where the fire sprinkler system will be installed. This could include light hazard, ordinary hazard, extra hazard, or special hazard, as defined by NFPA 13. The hazard classification will determine the design requirements for the system, such as sprinkler spacing, density, and coverage.

  4. Sprinkler Types: Specify the type of sprinklers to be used in the system, such as standard spray, extended coverage, or special application sprinklers. The type of sprinklers will depend on the hazard classification and desired level of fire protection. Standard spray sprinklers are commonly used in most occupancies, while extended coverage sprinklers may be used in areas with higher ceilings or larger open spaces.

  5. Sprinkler Spacing: Specify the spacing requirements for the sprinklers, including the maximum allowable spacing between sprinklers and their distance from walls, obstructions, and ceiling height. Sprinkler spacing is determined based on the hazard classification and type of sprinkler used, and should be in compliance with the applicable design standard and local codes.

  6. Water Supply: Specify the water supply requirements for the fire sprinkler system, including the available water pressure, flow rate, and duration. The water supply must be sufficient to meet the demand of the system, considering factors such as hazard classification, hydraulic calculations, and local water supply conditions. A reliable water supply source, such as a dedicated fire pump or a municipal water supply, should be identified.

  7. Alarm and Detection: Specify the type of alarm and detection devices to be used in conjunction with the fire sprinkler system, such as waterflow switches, tamper switches, pressure switches, and supervisory devices. These devices are used to detect system activation, waterflow, or abnormal conditions and initiate appropriate alarms or signals for building occupants, emergency responders, and monitoring stations.

  8. Installation and Testing: Specify the installation requirements for the fire sprinkler system, including installation methods, materials, and quality control measures. The system should be installed by qualified and experienced contractors in accordance with the applicable design standard, ding periodic inspections, testiing


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